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Experience level:
Time of year: March, April, May, Jun, July, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov
Group type: Knee Boarder Surf Trips
Budget: <1
Board type: All types


    • Situated in front of HT's Surf Resort
    • Brand new transfer boat
    • Access to mnay other breaks
    • Max 12 surfers in the resort
    • Diving available Quad bikes available


HT’s Surf Resort is located right on the beach, directly in front of HT’S surf break. Starting this 2013 season, they are running a new 41-foot transport boat, HT One. Whether you’re a single traveller or part of a group, just book into one of the 9-night trips and they will look after the rest. HT’s crew will meet you at Padang Airport, transport you to HT One for a quick 4-hour trip to HT's Resort.
About this Surf Resort


HT’s Surf Resort is located right on the beach, directly in front of HT’S surf break. Starting this 2013 season, they are running a new 41-foot transport boat “HT One”. Whether you’re a single traveller or part of a group, just book into one of the 9-night trips and they will look after the rest. HT’s crew will meet you at Padang Airport, transport you to HT One for a quick 4-hour trip to HT's Resort. HT One is equipped with 700HP diesel engines, an onboard snacks & drinks bar, lounge area and bathrooms making for an easy and comfortable transfer.

At HT’s, you have complete access to the entire surrounding coastline via fully automatic mopeds and quadbikes. Their quadbikes are great for the 3-kilometer white sand beach behind the resort & the mopeds with double boardrack holders are great to get to all the breaks. All tracks are concrete (paved), making it really easy ride to all surf spots. You can park your bike right on the beach at all the 7 surf spots. HT’S to Lances Left is 15 mins, to Cobra’s 10 mins,  to Bintangs 15 mins, 3k white sand surf beach 10 mins.

On the clear sunny days, you can see Kerinci volcano on the West Sumatran mainland over 130 miles away. Coming to HT's Surf Resort is stepping away from the grind of modern life and getting lost in island life-style, perfect surf, and allowing the beauty of the land and ocean to place you in a tranquil and relaxing state of ecstasy. You will find the amenities of a fully equipped resort on a island far from your normal life. The resort caters to the individuals, couples and families wishing to experience tranquility and the best that life can be in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia.


HT's is one of the closest surf resorts to the international airport near Padang (off the coast of West Sumatra). The resort encompasses 4 acres of lush tropical rain forest surrounded by white sand beaches, palm trees, picturesque blue water lagoon and perfect waves wrapping in off the Indian Ocean just a short paddle from the sand.

They have 5 beach houses, 2 of them sleep 3 people in each and the others have 2 double bedrooms in each. There is a private pool & outside dining area and seperate lounge / TV room. All rooms have A/C, flat screen TV, cable vision, DVD player, Wi-Fi Internet, fridge, internal bathroom and hot & cold shower.


Turtle Protection Program at HT's Resort

Every turtle egg up till now has been taken from the beaches of Sipora Island and sold for eating. That ends on the 15th of March this year. HT’S Resort is buying back eggs and incubating them in a turtle pit on the beachfront of the resort.

When you stay at HT's Resort this year, a local villager will turn up and hand you 3 eggs. You will take these 3 eggs to the incubation pit and cover with sand. 12 weeks later, the new turtles will race 15 feet into the water and swim away. Sea Turtles are local for life, so that’s cool.


The Beach Houses
  • 2 separate double bedrooms with large internal bathroom with shower.
  • Separate airconditioning units in all rooms.
  • Flat-screen TV and DVD player.
  • Cable TV.
  • Wireless internet available throughout the resort.
  • Fridge.
  • Private outdoor balcony area, pool and dining area.


Food & Drinks

  • You can have variety of food, both western and Indonesian dishes. Thanks to great location, local catch seafood, fish, squid, lobster, crab are all on the daily catch menu.
  • Breakfast: Wake up with a coffee or tea hit, fresh local fruit plates, bacon & eggs on toast, cereal, pancakes or strawberry mixed jams on toast. Their breads & burger buns are all baked fresh, daily from the kitchen.
  • After surf or for dinner, HT's Burger will hit you with 100% Aussie beef, grilled fish and local vegetable + homemade chips. Grilled salt & pepper squid is also great. Mixed seafood Chap Chai (vegetarian if you prefer), Nasi Goreng, mixed local veg clear soup, Aussie T-Bone served with mash and mushroom suce, garlic bread / bruschetta... the choice is great.
  • Juices are squeezed fresh: Orange, strawberry, watermelon, mango; Banana/ strawberry shakes also available.
  • Soft drinks, Bintang, Corona, Heineken, soda with a dash of lime and much more are available from the bar.

Merchant Facilities


Credit card machine available at the resort - you can pay in AUD.

Surf & Other Activities

Mentawai Islands need no introduction. Size, consistency and variety of waves is second to none. The Indian Ocean is a groundswell producing machine, combining with the many perfect island/reef formations and consistent, local weather patterns to produce an ultra-active, high quality wave paradise.

Heres just some of the perfect waves that youll discover in the Mentawais.






is one of the main reasons many surfers make the trip to the Mentawais. To watch one of these waves wrap into a beautiful, protected tree-lined cove and peel off mechanically over the reef is like being face to face with perfection. The wave itself sometimes pours over the reef in a square barreling tube, other times opening up an unblemished face just waiting see what you are capable of creating. Depending on swell direction and size, there are a couple of different take off zones where you can test your skill - and courage - on this wave. But like many of the worlds most alluring waves, beware of its beauty. It also possesses one of the regions most feared reef section," The Surgeons Table". So unless you are highly skilled, or very familiar with the intricacies of the break, don't expect just to paddle out and rip it up. Its better to make sure you're in tune with your surfing and your boards and aren't afraid to get hurt before you commit to the pleasures of HT's.




Lances Left
One of the most consistent and higher quality waves in the region (and hence pretty popular!). With a prevailing southwest swell grinding on its broad shelving reef, it presents quite a few different take-off positions and during the right conditions has two fantastic fin-humming longer tube sections. Lances Lefts can hold plenty of size, up to 3 metres, though like many waves in the Mentawais its best around 2 metres or so (which will give you plenty of dry hair tube rides, forehand or backhand. Despite its regulation line-up, Lance's Left is also wave that will give you a very forceful reminder every now and then to give it the respect its due.
Beach Breaks
Located in a beautiful bay with pure white sandy beaches lies a number of spectacular A-frame peaks which break on sand not reef. Plus there are many un-named breaks that surround our extensive land holdings which offer an abundance of hollow, glassy barrels constantly evolving around the various moods of the ocean. Awesome waves with next to nobody on them!
Not as long as many other breaks in the region, Bintangs is a quality punchy, dredging right located a few hundred yards from Lance's Left. The incoming swell is indicated by a bombora about 100 metres outside the break. The swell then quickly moves in from left to right as they hit the triangular reef. Often what may seem as being caught too far inside, quickly moves to a peak-like take-off on a fast dredging right hand wall. Surprisingly Bintangs can comfortably handle waves up to 12 feet, becoming squarer and more like The Box in Western Australia. Bintangs can also handle some funky north wind directions pretty well and can often be worth a session or two.
No Name
Very very fast left reef break, it is a smaller wave with sucky long tube - no water beneath your fins. For a goofy footer it’s a great shallow speed run, but to surf here you need to be able to generate good shallow speed quickly. (Kevlar or non-flex fins a must).Good experience level necessary


Nice left-hand wave, runs along the bay onto a sand beach finish, best for intermediate surfers. Fun wave and you won't see anyone surf it, just guests that HT's Resort take there.


Other Activities

  • Dive off the beach, under the surgeon’s table (reef), its just 20m in front of your room, nice coral. Temperature is always about 32 Celsius. No wetsuits needed.
  • Go for a paddle on one of their surf kayaks.
  • Snorkeling gear is all in the restaurant, ready to go.
  • Pencil, the fishing boat, is always on the beach for anyone wanting to go fishing and or surfing to other breaks by boat ($15 per surfer per trip, 4hrs).
  • Quad bikes are great if you want to run a few of the ocean front beaches, beach fishing etc.
  • All of their mopeds are new Honda fully-automatic mopeds with removable single and double board racks. It’s the best way to go surfing wherever you want each day. ($25 half day, $35 full day).
  • Pool table is in the restaurant, along with a full size international ping pong table for those competitive moments.
  • Grab one of the bicycles and go for a ride.

Pricing & Packages
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Duration Room Type Type Price Basis Notes Availability
  • The Perfect Wave exclusive Early Bird special: Pay for 6 nights and get 3 free - save $750. Valid until further notice.
  • Prices are per person prices in AUD and subject to foreign exchange fluctuations.
  • These are example packages and most packages can be adjusted to cater for your individual requirements. Please contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.
  • Please click "Enquire Here" to email us or call us on 1300 00WAVE to speak with one of our friendly surf experience specialists.



  • Welcome beer on arrival.
  • Private beach house accommodation – twin or double share.
  • 3 meals daily – including both western and Indonesian dishes.
  • Drinking water.
  • Surf transfers to local breaks.
  • After June 1st: 3 local turtle eggs for incubation and release on hatching – doing your part to keep the turtle population from being wiped out in Sipora. You will be allocated 3 eggs that will be purchased on your behalf and incubated in the resort turtle pit and released when hatched. This is very cool.

Extra cost - Motorbike hire is $25 per day to travel across to Lances Left.


Transport to the resort:

  • Before June: Speedboat transfer with esky of beers and soft drinks during the transfer.
    - $280pp each way.
  • From early June onwards: Luxury speedboat transfer on “HT One” with fridge full of beers and soft drinks during speedboat transfer. - $280pp each way.

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