•       HT's
  •       Private bungalow
  •       Get barrelled
  •       A right-hander close to Lance's left
  •       Left-hander perfection
  •       Stoked
  •       Lance's left - right in front of your bungalow
  •       Meals at Kingfisher
  •       Lance's right
  •       Put yourself in the picture
  •       Cobra
  •       Lance's Left
  •       Lance's Left
  •       Private bungalow
  •       Private bungalow
  •       Restaurant
  •       Restaurant
  •       Shared bungalow
  •       Shared bungalow
  •       Shared bungalow
  •       Sunset
  •       HT's      Private bungalow
  •       Get barrelled      A right-hander close to Lance's left
  •       Left-hander perfection      Stoked
  •       Lance's left - right in front of your bungalow      Meals at Kingfisher
  •       Lance's right      Put yourself in the picture
  •       Cobra      Lance's Left
  •       Lance's Left      Private bungalow
  •       Private bungalow      Restaurant
  •       Restaurant      Shared bungalow
  •       Shared bungalow      Shared bungalow
  •       Sunset
Kingfisher Bay Resort - Mentawai



Experience level: Group - Land Based, Solo Travellers, Longboarders, Bodyboarders, Intermediate Waves
TIME OF YEAR: April, May, June, July, August, September, October


Positioned directly in front of Lances Left, arguably the most consistent wave in the Mentawai archipelago, Kingfisher Bay Resort gives you the opportunity to experience a strikingly original part of the world unlike anywhere you've ever been to or imagined.

About this Surf Resort


Positioned directly in front of Lances Left, arguably the most consistent wave in the Mentawai archipelago, this will be their first year accommodating those looking for a genuine Mentawaian experience.

Take a journey and escape the pressures and obligations of daily life and immerse yourself in the island rhythm of a unique and remarkably unspoiled corner of the globe. Join in for a once in a lifetime experience amongst world class waves set in a culturally rich and spectacularly beautiful location.

Whether you are looking for adventure, an insight into a completely different culture or simply to relax, you will find it all at Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Kingfisher Bay Resort gives you the opportunity to experience a strikingly original part of the world unlike anywhere you've ever been to or imagined; freakishly perfect waves, a completely unique and fascinating culture with a backdrop of idyllic palm fringed beaches and turquoise waters. As the  name suggests, the resort is situated on the edge of an expansive bay, regularly frequented by stunning and acrobatic kingfisher birds, as well as a vast array of other wildlife including majestic sea eagles, large flying squirrels and pristine coral reefs teeming with sea life.

The natural beauty of the Mentawai islands is the stage for what has become a mecca for surfers around the world, and with a dream location in front of Lances Left on the southern tip of Sipora island, those tantalizing and seemingly out of reach fantasies of surfing breathtakingly perfect waves can become a reality! Fishing and snorkeling are catered for as well as a wide and varying range of activities on land. For the culturally curious, the local village provides a window into the lives of a race and people with a very different lifestyle to what most of us are familiar with. Get to know the  friendly neighbours and hosts by joining in a woodcarving or weaving lesson under a palm tree or get involved in the daily volleyball match in the village. If all this sounds like too much activity, feel free to relax in a shaded hammock or catch the breeze in our open-planned restaurant, where drinks and food are available. Meals are prepared using fresh fruits, vegetables, seafood and meats, cooked in a variety of styles including; Western, Indonesian, Chinese as well as barbeques on the beach. They consider great food and lots of it an integral part of an enjoyable experience, so meals are served buffet style to ensure even the most ravenous appetites will be satisfied.

Kingfisher Bay Resort is a gateway to a world of amazing waves, nature, culture and adventure. Let their ever helpful and smiling staff show you a truly memorable Mentawaian experience in all its remarkable diversity and uniqueness


Private bungalows

Overlooking the majestic lineup of Lances Left, just 20 meters from the waters edge is the spectacular location of the bungalows. By combining traditional Mentawaian design with Western attention to strength and comfort, the result is a uniquely exotic and luxurious experience.

The clean and spacious sleeping and lounging area is AC and ceiling fan cooled for ultimate comfort, with a large Western style bathroom complete with running hot water at the rear of the building. Facing the ocean, slide into hammock on the elevated and expansive front deck, the perfect place to relax whilst taking in the sights and sounds of this magnificent coastline.

Up to 3 people per bungalow.

Share accommodation

Like the neighbouring bungalows, attention to local aesthetics as well as a Western standard of comfort can be found both inside and out. Purpose-built to accommodate up to 6 guests, the share accommodation bungalow allows travelers on all budgets the opportunity to experience the Mentawai islands for short or longer term visits.

The open planned sleeping area is ceiling fan cooled, with a Western style bathroom that include a hot shower. An extra large front deck means there is plenty of space to relax in front of the almost hypnotic sight of Lance's Left.

Restaurant and bar

Keeping to the Mentawai theme, the restaurant is the centerpiece of the resort. From a spacious veranda, you can take in the awe-inspiring, panoramic view of Lances Left and the adjacent bay. The open terrace design is perfect for catching even the slightest breeze, and perhaps a glimpse of the flying lizards and squirrels that are endemic to the Mentawai islands.

A variety of beers and juices can be ordered from the bar, or you can lounge in the chill out area in mix of modern and driftwood furniture. DVD’s, internet connection and daily surf photo’s can be utilized at your leisure, or simply get to know the people who you will be sharing adventures and waves with during your trip.

Surf & Other Activities

Surf Break

From your bungalow you will be greeted by the impressive sight of Lances Left, arguably the most consistent world class wave in the Mentawai archipelago. The resort is located in an extremely wave rich region with 10 different waves within 20 minutes via boat. With such an extensive selection to choose from; fun beach breaks, long lefts and rights, barrel perfection and heavy slabs, whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced surfer all levels and appetites are catered for at Kingfisher Bay Resort.

Lance's Left

Lances is the epitome of the classic Indo wave, a very long, superbly shaped wave that is renowned for being one of the most consistent locations in the Mentawai islands. Several takeoff zones mean this place rarely feels crowded, and with a relatively easy entry during take off it's little wonder Lances is such a regular crowd pleaser. At 3 feet, expect long, peeling, lined up walls perfect for pushing the limits on your turns, but also be on the lookout for two distinct barrel sections depending on swell direction. At 6 feet and above, be prepared for corduroy lines stacked to the horizon. The wave transforms into a steep, deepwater takeoff with big open faces down the line.

Although not the most prolific barrel producing wave in the Mentawai, it's length and variations through different sections mean all levels of ability can enjoy Lances. Also a great place for intermediate surfers to push themselves into bigger waves.

HT's (Hollow Trees or Lance's Right)

One of the worlds best waves, this premier righthander can produce the kind of ruler edge barrel perfection normally restricted to the imagination. When swells hit 'The Office' section of the wave, all there is to do is pull in and charge through one of the deepest, roundest and most perfect barrels you are ever likely to come across. One good wave at HT's can make your trip, and one mistake could also prove disastrous. Breaking on a shallow reef, the end of the wave sucks even shallower when passing above the aptly named 'Surgeons Table'. Still surfable on low tide, most people wait for mid to high tide to try their hand.

From 1 to 10 foot, HT's will offer a barrel when combined with offshore winds.This wave can be fussy concerning swell direction, but when it turns on it really is a sight to behold, truly a freak of nature.


Situated across the bay from Lances Left this classy righthander offers short but perfect, mechanically shaped walls and barrel sections. Although playful under 4 feet, a dramatic transformation takes place once overhead. Waves surge towards the A-frame shaped reef before breaking, then throwing out a perfectly round cavern along the entire length of the wave. What this wave lacks in length it certainly makes up for in quality.

A little temperamental concerning swell direction, Bintangs is often overlooked by visiting charter boats. However our close proximity and intimate local knowledge ensures we'll never miss an opportunity to score a few kegs at Bintangs.

The Cobra

Short punchy walls to heaving, square barrels are what you'll usually find at the Cobra. This moody lefthander can really turn it on with the correct swell direction, located just 50 meters from Lances Left, can occasionally link up with it's more famous neighbour for a 200+ meter ride! A very steep takeoff followed by a throwing backdoor section is not uncommon at the Cobra. Choose your waves carefully, as this wave has some serious venom with wider sets that will push unlucky punters across the reef.

Not the easiest takeoff and barrel to negotiate, but the rewards are plentiful for those willing to try their hand. An often uncrowded or empty lineup should be enough to lure even the most reef shy surfer to chase down a throwing Cobra pit.

Secret spot 1

This rarely surfed righthander breaks like a point break with very long rides. The relatively deep water makes for long workable walls, although the odd tube has been known to show itself. Best during medium sized swells, this wave can be fickle with certain tidal influences punctuating the session with long lull periods, so some patience may be necessary, but a great option for a quiet session.

Secret spot 2

Breaking extremely close to shore this righthander is all about one thing; getting barrelled! Closeout sets are easily identified as swells approach, so try and be choosey and snag a perfectly cylindrical shaped tube from start to finish, before kicking out over a very shallow end section. Booties are recommended, even for those confident surfing coral reef set ups. As there is no channel to paddle back to the lineup, getting caught inside can be extremely hazardous!

Beach break

A one kilometer stretch of idyllic palm fringed, white sand beach is just a stones throw from Kingfisher Bay Resort. The turquoise coloured water is picture perfect, with a series of sandbars to choose from. Good sand banks can be fickle, but with the right conditions a satisfying session can be had by the patient surfer. Also a great spot for people learning to surf.


The tropical waters of Southern Sipora provide excellent fishing opportunities for the casual angler. The resort boats are primarily used for surfing transport, so between wave-chasing sessions why not drop a line and maybe catch yourself dinner! Fishing tackle and equipment at the resort is fairly basic and limited, therefore more serious fishermen are encouraged to bring their own gear.


They are very fortunate to have a wide choice of fantastic snorkeling sites with warm, crystal clear water close to the resort. Take a short bike or boat ride to discover a diverse collection of hard and soft corals which provide a home and feeding ground for schools of vibrant reef fish, shellfish, anemones, giant clams and turtles.

People of all fitness levels, even those with only limited swimming ability, can enjoy snorkeling. For first timers, one of their staff members will be happy to give you a quick lesson in snorkel use and basic safety before you take the plunge. Snorkel equipment at the resort is available for free use by all guests.

Wood carving and weaving

Under the guidance of talented local Mentawaian wood carvers and weavers, you can design and create your own piece of artwork. Make a unique souvenir for friends or family whilst getting to know the people who call Sipora Island their home.

More activities

  • Biking.
  • Explore local village.
  • Village Volleyball.


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