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Surf and Yoga
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When you plan to surf the Mecca of all surf regions in the world, and come to the Mentawai for a surf trip, you want to make sure that you get to sample as much of this amazing destination as possible. At Aloita Resort, you can access a great variety of waves. You will stay in beautifully designed bungalows, nestled in a protected corner of a small island. 

This secluded island is surrounded by white sand beach, magnificent coral reef, turquoise water and lush tropical vegetation.

The resort accommodates both surfers and non-surfers, and is a perfect gateway for families and couples.

Quick Facts

      • Max 14 surfers at any time. 
      • Speedboat surf transfers.
      • Limited surfer numbers.
      • Fun left out the front.
      • Family friendly resort.
      • Learn to surf options.
      • Yoga & spa facilities.
Aloita Surf Resort & Spa is nestled in a protected corner of a small island called Simakakang, located at the northern part of Siberut, which is the central island in the Mentawai. What this means to you is that you have access to roughly 70% of the regions surfbreaks with 5 world class waves within 10 minutes speedboat ride and a perfect fun left hander called Ombak Tikus right out the front.
When you pull into the resort to your own private jetty you really see how beautiful this little piece of paradise is. The bar stretches out over one of the most amazing white sand beaches in Indonesia, which is all yours. With manicured gardens and luxury villas nestled back off the beach, the lush shading trees ensuring privacy for each of the villas.
Take a short 100 metre walk along this pristine beach and you will find a perfect fun left hander called Ombak Tikus. The wave does need a bigger swell to start working, but when it does you can be assured you will share it with nobody else. When the swell is doing its thing though, you may want to be hitting one of the 6 breaks just a short boat ride away or the world class waves of Telescopes, Scarecrows, Icelands or Suicides, all within 10-15 minutes speedboat away. But why limit yourself to these as you can travel to the other surf areas of Playgrounds and South Sipora, home to the famous HT’s and Lances Left surfbreaks. These areas are only a 50 minute speedboat ride, and with the 2 resort boats, you have both half and full day trips available. Playgrounds has more surfbreaks than we can mention but if you read the surf mags you’ll recognize names like Kandui, Rifles, EBay, Bankvaults and Burgerland, to mention a few.
No other resort is better positioned to capitalize on such a broad range of surf spots, a range that covers roughly 70% of the Mentawais. In short, Aloita can access more breaks than any other resort in the Mentawai within 1 hour speedboat ride. There are waves that suit all levels of surfers, from the hardcore ripper to a total beginner. With a Perfect Wave Surf Experience Centre now at the resort, we have Learn To Surf programs with qualified surf instructors to give you a taste of surfing or take your surfing to the next level with high-performance coaching.
For the non-surfer and family though, you have an assortment of water activities with fishing, stand up paddle, snorkelling, scuba diving and water skiing/wake boarding available also. Located near some of the best reefs for diving and SCUBA in the Mentawais, there are also some beautiful reefs just out in front of the resort, perfect for snorkeling or shallow dives. A very short speedboat ride away is Setan Island. Amazing sheer cliffs drop down to the ocean floor, where a wide area of sea life and spectacular reefs can be enjoyed by the keen diver.
Not to mention the cultural trekking tours to visit the indigenous tribes of nearby Siberut Island. Step back in time and see how local tribes still live today in this remote corner of the world. However with all the activity on offer, you will need a massage from Neti at the spa - and with Indonesian pricing, you will be booking them daily.

Honoured as a Highly Rated Resort as reviewed by travellers on the world’s largest travel site

Aloita is a boutique resort with 10 beachfront bungalows, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation and by a beautiful, 2-km private white sand beach. 

Each one of the bungalows is entirely self contained and is constructed using only the highest quality materials, including the same local hardwoods you’ll see throughout the Resort. Each bungalow has its own private ocean facing deck. 


PRIVATE bungalow (1-3 people)

  • Absolute beachfront with ocean view 
  • King size or Twin bed + extra bed available 
  • Private  bathroom + open air shower 
  • Hot water 
  • Fully Air-Conditioned 
  • Ceiling fan 
  • Mosquito nets 
  • Mini bar 
  • Terrace 
  • Beach chairs 
  • Beach towels 
  • Daily cleaning


Family Bungalow

The Family Bungalow is massive and can sleep up to 6 persons comfortably, so it is perfect for families or small groups. 

  • Absolute beachfront with ocean view 
  • 2 bedrooms 
  • Living room 
  • Private bathroom + open air shower 
  • Hot water 
  • Fully Air-Conditioned 
  • Ceiling fans 
  • Mosquito nets 
  • Mini bar 
  • Large terrace/deck 
  • Beach chairs 
  • Beach towels 
  • Daily cleaning


All the bungalows are constructed to some of the highest quality in the Mentawai, with beautiful local hardwood used through the resort. Each bungalow has its own large lanai (balcony) and private pathway to the amazing white sand beach out front. Once inside your bungalow, you can cool down with temperature controlled A/C or ceiling fan and take a warm shower in your massive twin bathroom.


Every day, the staff will clean your bungalow and make your beds, which are big and very comfortable. The bathrooms are highlighted by more local hardwoods, and are very well thought out. Each bungalow has a safe, a mini fridge, and plenty of closet and storage space. In addition, each has its own private outdoor courtyard and storage area in the rear of the residence, complete with outdoor shower and shaded racks for your surfboards.



Free WiFi is provided at the resort. However, due to remoteness the signal can be inconsistent. For those needing a reliable connection, we suggest buying an Indonesian SIM card on you arrival in Padang (around 10 USD / 150.000 IDR with 2 GB of data).


Restaurant and Bar

One of the most important parts of any holiday is the food and at Aloita the restaurant and bar are beautifully constructed entirely from local hardwoods. Aloita’s gorgeous open air restaurant is a wonderful place to enjoy a meal and reflect on the day’s activities. Three delicious buffet style meals are served daily which are designed not just to delight your taste buds, but also replenish and refuel your body.  They specialise in a variety of seafood dishes using fresh produce caught in local waters, but they certainly don’t limit you to fish. You can expect anything from pasta dishes to pizza; steaks; chicken – you name it!  And all meals are complemented well with a variety of vegetable, rice, fruit dishes, etc. – all high quality, high energy, and healthy.


After lunch or dinner you have to hop over to the massive “A Bar” and recreation area, which is one of the true highlights of the resort, and has to be seen to be believed. Sitting right on the beach with a beautiful front deck that projects literally over the water at high tide, the A Bar is without a doubt the coolest place to have a drink, watch a DVD, or do absolutely nothing. Like their restaurant, the A Bar is constructed entirely from local woods, and was built in an open air rotunda fashion. This gives you complete views of the ocean, resort, and all its surroundings during the day, and allows it to take full advantage of the sea breezes at night.


The circular design is also great for the social aspect of the bar. The A Bar is the perfect place to catch a LIVE footy game on large flat screen satellite TV, so you won’t miss that important grand final at home. The A Bar also comes complete with big couches and chill out areas, cool tunes, a separate bar snack menu, and the full gamut of beers and mixed drinks. If you need more action though there’s a ping pong table, pool table and foosball table, so you can battle your mates to determine the bar champion nightly.


Surf & Other Activities

Put simply, the surf in the Mentawai Islands is the best in the world. There is no other place on the planet with such a diverse array of high quality surf in such a small area.  There are well over 50 superb waves strewn throughout the islands, with more being discovered every year.  And at Aloita you are better positioned to experience more waves in the region than any other resort.

Roughly 70% of the waves in the Mentawais can be accessed within an hour by speedboat from Aloita, and some of the best ones are right in their own backyard.  For example, the world class lefthander Telescopes is only 10 minutes away, and many feel it offers longer and straighter barrels than Macaronis when it’s firing.  There are challenging waves like Icelands, rippable waves like Scarecrows, and even a couple very playful secrets that break right off the island. Every day the qualified surf guides receive constantly updated surf forecasts, and will make recommendations based on swell, wind, and the desires/skills of the guests.

When weather permits you can take a day trip to the Playground area to the north, for waves such as Rifles, Four Bobs, Nokandui, Nipussi, or Bankvaults. Or, maybe decide a trip south to the Peninsula area is the call for waves such as Bintangs, Lances Left, or HTs. There are so many options to choose from, and they always consult the needs and desires of the guests to come to a group decision about what is the best call for the day. The main attraction of the Mentawais has always been the surf, and they are more than ready to put you into the best waves of your life.  Whether you’re a learner or total hellman, Aloita has something great to offer you. They have 3 speedboats at the resort - 2 aluminium and 1 wooden.

Surf Breaks:

  • Ombak Tikus - a small fun left hander for all levels
  • Hookers - a long left for all levels
  • Icelands - left, great for intermediate surfers
  • Ombak Tidor - a right hander that needs specific conditions to work. It is great for intermediate surfers
  • Suicides - a right hander, very shallow, good surfers only 
  • Telescopes - a long left, great for intermediate and advanced surfers
  • Scarecrows - a long big left-hander, intermediate and up 
  • 7 Palm Point - a short left hander great for all levels

Surf Centre – Surf Lessons

The Surf Experience Centre offers a professional surf instructor on island looking to look after you. So if you want a taste of surfing you can do our Intro to Surfing or if you want some one on one tuition to take your surfing to the next level, our qualified surf instructor can get you there.

The centre now stocks anything and everything you need on your surf holiday. You can purchase or hire new and used surf boards, surf hardware, board shorts, reef boots and surf hats, so you are covered if you forget anything. We have a variety of boards for hire, including SUP’s, long boards, small wave fish, and soft boards for learn to surf lessons.

Yoga classes

The time for a well balanced combination of yoga practice and vacation is here. Join us for an unforgettable experience to practice yoga on Aloita Surf Resort & Spa, one of the world's most breathtaking locations. This vinyasa-style yoga class will weave together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of your vacation to transcend you into complete wellness and relaxation!

Suitable for all levels: beginners, surfers, and seasoned practitioners, the yoga classes will leave you feeling ready to take on the day, or relax into your evening!


One of the aspects that truly sets Aloita apart from all other resorts in the area is its focus on diving. Aloita has the only full-fledged dive center in the Mentawais which enables their guests to explore all aspects of diving including scuba, snorkeling, and free diving. Whether you’re interested in just poking around the reefs right out in front of the resort, or you’re keen to swim with black tips and barracuda 50 meters below the surface, Aloita has something for everyone.

The location was specifically chosen for its proximity to the best scuba and free diving zones in the Mentawais. No other resort is poised to capitalize on the beauty of the unlimited breathtaking reefs and abundance of sea life in the area. Much of this area has gone undiscovered by the dive world, and you will almost certainly be exploring the depths with only other guests from Aloita. They've chartered some amazing spots and seen some incredible sights, such as the stunning topography of The Cathedral and the millions of eels that sway with the tide like tall grass in the wind at Garden Eel Grove. But the best part is that there is still so much more to explore. As some of the first divers to this area, their guests have the potential to look at the charts and discover their own new dive location, and of course be part of history by giving that spot a name of their choosing.

The Aloita Dive Center has everything anyone could need for underwater activities, from the beginning snorkeler to the avid scuba diver. The professional dive team can offer you courses ranging from the entry level Open Water course to Dive Leader. Or if you’ve never tried scuba diving before, they’d love to take you for your first experience in the calm, crystal clear water of the Mentawais. If you stay long enough at the resort, you have the opportunity to go from a completely virgin diver to fully certified by the end of your stay.


One thing that truly separates Aloita from all other land options in the Mentawais is the diversity of activities they can provide. The resort is far more than just a place for surfers and divers, or people looking for the ultimate way to unwind in a beautiful tropical location. They offer a variety of different ways to explore this beautiful little corner of the world.

The keen fisherman will have plenty to keep them occupied with the abundance of sea life in the area. Situated near arguably the most abundant fishing zone of the Mentawais, the fisherman have the opportunity to reel in many of the most impressive pelagics including Spanish Mackerel, Tuna, Mahi Mahi, Wahoo, Giant Trevally, and even the odd game fish such as Sailfish and Marlin. But if popping or bottom bouncing is more to your liking, they have got you covered there as well.

For those looking for a true Indonesian experience, they offer extensive cultural trekking tours to visit the indigenous tribes of nearby Siberut Island. The jungles on this island are home to a unique race of people that have been studied by anthropologist for decades for their enduring traditional culture which has essentially remained unchanged for hundreds of years. This is not an easy excursion, but an extremely educational and worthwhile one. You’ll live amongst the locals, speak their authentic jungle dialect, and witness some of their most sacred traditional rites. If you’re lucky, you may even be given a tattoo if you chose, the “old fashioned” way.

But if this is a bit too intense of an excursion for you, there’s plenty to see right in Aloita's own backyard. You can visit the locals at the nearby capital of the Mentawais, Tua Pajet, or you can go exploring the many nooks and crannies of over 1 mile stretch of private white sand beach as well as your own dense jungle trails near the resort.


Despite all the excitement and activities they provide, there is absolutely no better place in the world to do nothing at all than the Aloita Resort and Spa. If you’re looking to unwind and refuel the jets in a tropical setting, this is the place to do it.

They have a variety of ways to help you completely relax and remove any stress carried with you over to the islands. One of the best ways to do this is by a visit to the Spa and Massage facility, the only of its kind in the Mentawais. Here they offer a variety spa and beauty treatments, such as sport specific and relaxation massage, remedial back/neck/shoulder pain therapy, and cleansing beauty treatments. If you’re looking to decompress after a long day of surfing or diving, or just looking to pamper yourself, this is the place to go.

Some people find it extremely relaxing to cast a line and see what they pull up. While you can certainly make an angry sport out of your fishing excursions, you can just as easily slowly troll with a couple beers and good friends and let nature take its course. You can even take a rod and reel to the end of the pier if you feel like being lazy.

But if you feel like being the laziest of all, you simply need to walk about 20 feet from your bungalow onto the over one mile of private white sand beach. Though they offer so many things to do at Aloita, there’s something very satisfying about sitting on your own private stretch of sand with a book and a cool drink to keep you company.


Amenities & Services
  • All Beachfront fully air-conditioned Bungalows
  • Tropical Day Spa 
  • Beachfront Bar & Restaurant
  • Library
  • Billiard Lounge
  • Wi-Fi access 
  • Surf  School
  • Daily Yoga Classes
  • Stand Up Paddle School & Rentals
  • Watersports center
  • Gift Shop
  • Private Beach
Room type
Travel dates
7 nights Private Bungalow (Surfer / Double Share) Bungalow US$1,740 Per person 01 Jan-01 Jan
7 nights Family Bungalow (Non-surfer / 4 pax share) Bungalow US$1,140 Per person 01 Jan-01 Jan
7 nights Private Bungalow (Non-surfer / Double Share) Bungalow US$1,280 Per person 01 Jan-01 Jan
  • 70 USD flat rate for kids aged 7-12 y/o. Children under 7 y/o stay free of charge.
  • SURF PACKAGE costs 55 USD per day per person and includes 2 daily speedboat surf sessions, morning and afternoon, with an experienced surf guide. Mentawai Surf Tax is an extra cost (please see below).
  • Optional surf photography packages available.
  • Prices above are per person prices, and are subject to foreign exchange fluctuations until paid in full.
  • These are example packages and most packages can be adjusted to cater for your individual requirements. Please contact us for a tailored package to meet your needs.
  • International & Domestic Flights - The Perfect Wave is a fully licensed wholesale travel agent that has experienced consultants ready to package flights into your package. Please make sure you get flights packaged into your quote as we get the best rate flight prices from the best  airlines.
  • Every surfer visiting the Mentawai is required to pay the Mentawai Regional Government Surfer Tax of IDR 1,000,000 for 15 days surfing in the region. This is normally paid on arrival in cash (Indonesian Rupiah) and collected by the local operator before departing Padang. You will be issued a wristband with dates. Please ensure you have this for your entire stay in the Mentawai.



  • Return transfers from Padang 
  • 3 delicious healthy meals, served on a buffet
  • unlimited drinking water/tea/coffee
  • Surf package includes 2 daily surf sessions by boat, accompanied by surf guide.
  • APF donation

In order to get to Aloita Resort you need to reach Padang on the day before scheduled morning departure of the Mentawai Fast ferry and will generally need stay a night upon return to Padang after your stay due to flight scheduling. The Mentawai Fast ferry runs only 3 days per week; MondayWednesday and Friday. 


    Disclaimer - This surf trip is an independent surf operator and is not part of or in partnership with The Perfect Wave Travel Co. The Perfect Wave acts as an agent only. We sell various travel related products on behalf of numerous transport, accommodation and other service providers, such as airlines, land based accommodation and boat charter operators. The Perfect Waves obligation is to make travel bookings on your behalf and to arrange relevant contracts between you and travel service providers. The Perfect Wave has no responsibility for these services nor do we make or give any warranty of representation regarding their standards. All bookings are made subject to the terms and conditions and limitations of liability imposed by these service providers.

    Other Surf Experiences

    Luis (September 2018)

    The Aloita surf camp give us a very good surf spots for surf, and good surf guides that recommend the best places for surf with the swells and wind conditions, all the spots are very close to the surf camp.

    Luke (October 2018)

    Epiccccccccccc trip! Everything went smooth as with the arrangements made from TPW - thank you very much for the effort on your end. Aloita was an awesome location to stay. We were chatting about where else we would stay if we were to go again, because we all think Aloita is top notch and is too good not to go back to. The staff there are amazing, accom is great, and the food is all time! The waves were exactly what were chasing, we had it at about 4-5ft most days, with one or two 6-8ft days in there to test the confidence.

    Matt (April 2018)

    Sensational time at Aloita. A journey to get there, but the waves were fantastic. Two experienced surf guides ensured that we surfed the right spots at the right time.

     (Tima Davis, August 2017)

    The food was fantastic, the staff a delight to deal with and the accommodation spacious, comfortable and cleaned every day. The boat which took us out to the breaks was in great condition and with enough space to handle up to 12 surfers if need be. We surfed 6 different surf breaks over the 7 days all within 15 minutes ride and more often than not we had the breaks to ourselves. We had plenty of swell which helped spread the crowds in the area out. The new surf guide Darren arrived whist we were there. Really good guy. He has been running charter boats around Indo for 20 years, is really knowledgeable, attentive and will be dialed into the local surf options in no time.
    There were couples, singles and small groups at Aloita during our stay and all integrated really well. I think in large part due to the inclusive nature that Fabrizio exudes. He has created a really cool culture around the place which adds to the experience.
    Can recommend highly and will return.

    Christopher Gibbins, July 2017

    Excellent. Suzi gave us great advice and we got everything we came for. Pumping waves without being hell men only, options to avoid the crowds, a great surf guide

    Stuart Connol, July 2017

    We just spent 12 days at the beautiful Aloita Resort in the Metawais. 

    The place is set on a breathtaking and peaceful tropical island paradise - jungle forrest meets uninhabited beach meets crystal clear underwater paradise. For natural beauty it easily rivals anything in Indo or even the Maldives or Fiji.

    Jayson (May 2016)
    HI Guys, I just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone at The Perfect Wave, we had a fantastic time at S Aloita in Mentawai’s , everything went smoothly. The flights and accommodation all top notch, We have great waves all week to match all skill level . The team on S Aloita were great, the food was awesome, the guides Falavo and Terry were a great laugh and very helpful at each break. A special thanks to Ellie, Kim and Charlie for organising 5 guys to get over there and back safely. I can't wait to book another trip, the boys and i are already in talks to where to go next. Cheers Jay

    Freddy (May 2016)
    Had a great trip to Aloita Resort staying on the Island from the 6th to the 16th of May!! Great waves, gorgeous island, great accomodation, staff were tops. All up I really enjoyed the trip and will be going back!

    Flavio did a 100% job as our Surf Guide. Very personable, very genuine and his knowledge of the Mentawai's is extensive so he got us to the best waves available with minimum crowds every surf. I was most impressed with Flavio's work ethic as well. He was on top of the weather/surf conditions for every surf, made sure we were all as comfortable as possible during the boat trips, made sure everyone was drinking plenty of fluids during the trips to surf and was a great host in the evening during dinner and in the bar before and after dinner. As a person that is a business owner and also an Engineering Manager/ Maintenance Supervisor for Qantas (with 60 odd people under me) Flavio is a guy that I would be very happy to have working for me. He is a very professional operator!

    The resort Staff in general were very good. Super friendly and helpful.

    Nice people!

    The rooms were great, the food was great and plenty of it!!!

    Ronnie found us quickly both ways at Padang and made the trip seamless. 

    Cathy (January 2016)
    We were really happy with the hassle free organisation of our trip that Bruno at Perfect Wave provided. His insider knowledge made our trip stress free and was a perfect break for us!

    Anna (January 2016) 
    We had a fantastic time! The island was absolute paradise and we got plenty of fun waves. We had a couple of smaller days but the guide always knew where we could get waves. All the staff were lovely and oh the food! We certainly never went hungry haha. 

    Everything went so smoothly, including all the collections from the airport, hotel etc, so thanks so much for your help! We're pretty addicted to surf trips now!

    Will do an online review as well. Thanks again - we were super stoked!

    Luke (November 2015)
    I have just returned to NZ after a 6 week surf tour of Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bali, Sumbawa and Sumatra all through the Perfect Wave. 
    Every spot was amazing with the Cobia boat charter in the Maldives and Aloita resort in the Mentawai's being the pick off the bunch.
    This trip with all the transfers and pick up's at differant airports, ports and hotels was all sorted by Glen at the Perfect Wave NZ.
    Everything ran very smoothly and was Perfect!!!!!
    I can't wait for my next adventure with the Perfect Wave and recommend traveling with the Perfect Wave to anyone looking for a hassle free surf holiday.

    Tony (October 2015)
    To be honest, from the time I rang the perfect wave until I got home, the whole holiday was seamless.
    I told Bruno the dates I was interested in and he came back with an itinerary and a quote.
    Everything that was promised, happened. 
    All the paper work was emailed and complete.
    All the transfers went ahead as planned.
    If some one was meant to meet us, they did.
    Aloita resort was amazing. The staff were pleasant and easy going.
    The food was out of this world.
    Our bungalow was comfortable and all we needed.
    My son and I both celebrated our birthdays while at Aloita. The staff made sure we celebrated in style.
    As a surfer I spent around five hours a day in the water. I was fairly tired, but it was nice to sit in the common area and have a Bintang, watch the days photos on the TV,have a game of pool or just chat to our new friends.
    I loved the yoga and the yoga teacher Islya was first class.
    As for the surfing. 
    Our guide, Terry is an asset to the Perfect Wave. He was the cream on top. Experienced, knowledgeable, funny.
    The yellow boat was the best boat we saw all trip, fast, comfortable and made for the job. The crew knew their stuff and did everything they could to make our trips comfortable.
    Having a photographer to capture our trip was very cool and worth the money, Grant was easy going and worked tirelessly to get our photo package together.
    All in all, I will recommend the Perfect Wave to any one or any group that wants a hassle free surf trip in paradise.

    Michael (October 2015)
    Great location, great waves, great people. Well looked after at Aoita, had a very relaxing surf trip.

    Gillian (October 2015)
    Aloita Resort is a great escape to relax and do little or wear yourself out in the water from dawn to dusk. The highlight for me was surfing with the local boys at Tikus - I'll never forget their laughter.

    Aidan (October 2015)
    TPW found the best possible destination for my last minute mid-life crisis surf adventure at a price that met my budget. They took the time to understand my needs and applied their wealth of expertise to get me the best package.

    Colin (September 2015)
    We had heard about the great waves in the Ments before going over of course, but we were lucky enough to coincide with some good swell and favourable winds! The surf guides at Aloita are top guys and they have the area dialled down! We had a great time there with them and we scored everyday, with some days bigger than others but even on the smaller days the waves were really clean and crisp! Big shout out to Flavio, Terry and Grant for a great time! Also to the Captain and 1st mate of the Aloita sea taxi for taking us out to the great waves! We had a great time there! Can't wait until our next trip down to Mentawai!!

    Paulo (September 2015)
    TPW were friendly, enthusiastic and a pleasant to deal with when organising the whole trip. TPW surf guides at the Aloita were an absolute level above awesome. Terry and Flavio had our backs at all times, they had flexible, yet genuine recommendations for us daily in the face of sometimes unfavourable wind/swell conditions. Aloita Resort in itself was a great place to hang out - the daily food spread was fantastic, and bar experience had a really cool, mellow vibe.

    Gordon (September 2015)
    Just wanted to shoot you a huge thank you for organising such a fantastic trip to the Ments for us!! I’m sure you all wish you could order up swells like that for every trip (how damn lucky were we?? never sub 4ft and mostly 5-7 with a few 8ft bombs!!). 

    From start to finish the experience of dealing with the Perfect Wave team was bloody awesome. From Charlie’s patience in getting us over the line with a bunch of great suggestions and follow up information, to the experience of being on the road with transfers and accommodation, mad vans and bouncing ferries (not that you would ever order the trip out we had on the ‘vomitron') to pulling up Aloita, it was really smooth (except for that ferry ride!). 

    The whole crew at Aloita were fantastic, what an amazing island!! I’d be selling short if I didn’t highlight the surf guides and photog that we spent so much time with.

    Flavio was a bloody legend, always picking the right spots where we had mostly uncrowded waves or heaving pits. Same has to be said for Terry who delivered, time and again. You couldn’t find a better more cruisy bloke in Grant, who was just ‘on it’ for all the shots and vids, awesome to have a couple thousand images to take away! 

    We’ll be coming back…it’s got to be said the option of Aloita was just spot on. Fast speedboats to so many spots, and the ‘ease’ of a trip to Playgrounds trip (it only took 2 days for my kidneys to recover from the bouncing in 3m swells) where we scored again, it really was a fantastic experience.

    I won’t be hesitating to recommend The Perfect Wave or Aloita to anyone thinking of heading to Indo or the Ments. Top shelf guys!!

    Tom (September 2015)
    Special thanks to Flavio and Georgio from Aloita resort. They were very cool surf guides, helpful and always looked out for us. Some of the best surf guides in the business! So yeah thanks guys keep it rockin!

    John (August 2015)
    The Perfect wave staff are top-notch and will take care of you, everytime!

    Craig (July 2015)
    An epic adventure, waves of a life time. Finally found out what it was like to surf a true barrel not just a little cover
    Guides (Terry) were extremely knowledgeable and were able to source the best options.
    Miss my Mentawai mates...definitely coming back.

    Rick (June 2015)
    Our trip to Aloita resort in the Mentawais has created FOMO all over the world thanks to TPW

    Hugh (June 2015)
    I recently stayed at Aloita in the Mentawai Islands. The resort was great, food was good and our surf guide, Flavio, was excellent. Flavio is a legend and really made the trip. Thanks Flav!

    Tony (April 2015)
    Perfect Wave made the a hectic travel schedule pretty cruisey and all transfers were smooth. Great waves, cool resort at Aloita and highly knowledgable surf guide. Thanks

    Adam (April 2015)
    First up all our flights and connections were seamless. We were picked up at Padang by perfect waves transport on time. Our transport guy Ronny seemed as excited as we were. The mecure in Padang is excellent cannot fault it. Bright & early the next day our transport got us to the harbour on time with no fuss. The Mentawai fast ferry is exactly that. The guys from the Aloita were there waiting for us. On arrival at the Aloita the staff welcomed us and showed us our excellent room. Considering the part of the world we were in the Aloita is first class. The surf guides were so pumped to get us into the best waves and we scored some all time sessions . The Ments sure did live up to my high expectations. The food at the Aloita was fresh and plentiful I seriously could not ask for more or better. The manager of the Aloita Alex was a true host and runs a brilliant show. I have traveled Indo for a number of years now and the Aloita and staff are the best I have experienced . In summary I cant fault it. I will be back !!

    Marc (April 2015)
    What a trip! Everyone at Aloita and The Perfect Wave, with special mention to Grant, Flavio, Bruno and Alex, were the most helpful and stoked people I've ever met! It truly was a flawless Indo experience! We will be back again next year!!

    Bevan (April 2015)
    I have never booked a holiday through agency before. I usually do it by myself. But i have to say Perfect Wave just took the whole stress and hassle of putting everything together away. From booking tickets, accomodation and even someone picking us up from airports/ferrys everything was just hassle free. Rock up with your boards at the airport and way you go. These guys are professionals for a reason. Next trip, first stop Perfect Wave. Cheers lads. Yewwwww!

    Clinton (April 2015)
    Epic trip to mentawais scored fun waves and the surf guides where next level great experience and the hospitalitly at aloita was unforgettable. Cant wait to book the next trip!!!

    Marc (April 2015)
    Thanks Bruno you've been nothing but helpful! We had an awesome time! I left a nice little testimony about our trip and look forward to booking another trip with you guys hopefully within the next year or so! 

    Also you should let the boss know that grant and Flavio your representatives at Aloita were two of the most hard working guys around. They really made our trip enjoyable and need a big wrap for the work they do!! 

    Cheers mate,



    Clint (April 2015)
    Just wanted to send you some feedback on our recent trip to Aloita. To start with the hospitality and service by the perfect wave was second to none. Awesome photographer Grant davis and the surf guide Flavio salgado much it such an epic trip, not only taking us in like family but excellent knowledge of the area made it such a memorable trip. I really hope the perfect wave looks after flavio and grant in many years to come as the provided an experience of a life time. I can't wait to book the next trip.

    Hayden (April 2015)
    Trip was amazing, special mention to Flavio Salgado our surf guide who was always frothing to get us the best waves and just a mad dude in general. Food at Aloita was really good too. Thanks again

    Ross (September 2014)
    Myself, my partner and our 2 year old daughter travelled to the the mentawai islands.....the place is sheer beauty, the surf and the diving is 1st class, the mentawai people are amazing, generous and always smiling. we would love to return as soon as possible. - thanks for opening our eyes to somewhere new perfect wave!! - rosco

    Tim (October 2014)
    The perfect wave were super helpful answering all our questions and taking the stress out of organising out trip. The waves were great too!


    I had a fantastic time. I did a lot of surfing everyday, with the waves ranging from good to excellent, and a fair variety too.Aloita was really cool. It feels more like an up scale surf camp than a resort as everything's pretty casual, but that's not a bad thing. The grounds are beautiful. The restaurant and bar have a nice feel, and in general it's a great place to chill out. I really enjoyed the food. Lots of fish, but that's to my liking. Strangely, no bananas though. The staff are nice. Grant, Nacho, Cahn, Un and the rest do a good job and set a good vibe, which makes a difference.Only a few minor gripes. The yoga teacher went home early on for personal reasons, which was a bit of a bummer as there was no replacement. The 'spa' and the massages were a bit ordinary, and the cost of extras, like beer, internet etc., is a bit over the top I think.Overall though, it was pretty damn good. 2 weeks well spent for sure.Thank you for organising everything. It was pretty seamless.

    Experience Begun: October 2014
    Created on: Wednesday 29 October 2014

    My friend & I decided to spend our surf holiday at Aloita resort in the Mentawai islands & we decided to book it with The Perfect Wave travel company.From the time we made our first inquiry to the days after returning from a fun filled trip with consistent 2 to 5 feet waves our travel consultant Sylv attended to our every need. Sylv’s pleasant disposition & professional approach ensured that our holiday went as smooth as silk.The management guys Mario & Alex were always very approachable friendly & efficient as were the surf guides & photographer Kahn & Grant,The accommodation & food was also great.I will be recommending Aloita resort & the Perfect Wave Travel Group to my friends regards Peter

    Experience Begun: October 2014
    Created on: Thursday 16 October 2014

    Hi Rhonda Cant believe it has been six weeks since we returned from Aloita, it seems a bit like a dream now. Just wanted to say thanks for arranging a sensational trip for Judith and I it was everything we could have wished for and more. The surf, the accommodation, the food, and the surroundings were exceptional. Cahn really looked after us and he found plenty of uncrowded waves for everyone morning and afternoon. He somehow was lucky enough to beat all of us on the pool table. Mario and Nelfie looked after the accommodation and food and made sure everyone was made to feel welcome and somehow managed to cater for all our strange tastes. They always had meals waiting for us when we returned from the morning surf and snacks and cold beers in the afternoon. The bungalows were really comfortable and had the look of those old surf shacks. They were surrounded by palm trees with views of the channel and seeing your boards lined up against the outside verandah made it feel a very special place. Just wanted to say thank you again. Best regards peter

    Experience Begun: August 2014
    Created on: Tuesday 23 September 2014

    Had a great time, great waves and accomodation. Everything worked as smooth as butter thanks to the perfect waves cheers guys

    Experience Begun: July 2014
    Created on: Tuesday 23 September 2014

    Hello Charlie I promised I would send you a recommendation and I have been slack here it is and please edit to make it shorter as you please Aloita Resort I went to Aloita Resort in mid 2014. Amazing place and probably one of the best resorts in the Mentawais. Comfortable and private accommodation within a beautiful setting. The staff were outstanding and the food was a mix of western, indo and other great cuisine. The activities at Aloita were first class, great snorkelling, diving, billiards, yoga and a really nice spa for after surf massages. The surf was incredible. Toasty the guide is a top class bloke and one of the best surf guides around. Combined with the local knowledge from Kahn and the team we had great surf in all conditions. Surfed Telescopes, Sucicides and all the great breaks within a ten minute boat ride and got to have beers and relexa at a great resort afterwards. A wonderful trip Simon

    Experience Begun: July 2014
    Created on: Monday 22 September 2014

    Wow. Best trip of a lifetime. Charlie looked after everything perfectly on The Perfect Wave's end, and Aloita was in a class of its own.The waves - perfect. Better than the pictures.The food - almost too much to handle. It is better than they describe.The staff - so accommodating and hospitable, it has a tropical island feel about it but the staff make you feel as if you were home.We were pretty stoked they got satellite tv installed the week before we got there - live footy, beers and a pool table after a few surfs. Living the dream as we kept saying.Thanks to everyone at The Perfect Wave and Aloita Resort for making it the best time.Please note, Aloita has the 2 best and most highly regarded surf guides in the Mentawais. You WILL get good waves, the conditions weren't perfect for us but Toastie and Kahn did more than we expected to get us to the waves we desired. Thanks boys!We will definitely be back. - The Apollo Bay crew

    Experience Begun: July 2014
    Created on: Monday 22 September 2014
    Steve and Poppy

    Hello Perfect Wave,My wife and i recently took a trip to Aloita resort in April this year. Though the resort was still run by the Italians and we booked it directly with them but we had been told that it was being taken over by Perfect Wave in the near future including selected staff. My reason for writing to you is just to pass on our thanks to Toasty and Caan who were bloody awesome. I couldn't have asked for more from our surf guides. They really made our trip. Caan's enthusiasm for surfing even when the waves weren't ideal was just what you want from a surf guide, rather than someone that just calls it a lay day. Everyday he was as keen as everyone else to score the best we could find, which sometimes meant a bit more searching then usual. It also meant we had waves everyday of the trip. Both guides encouraged lesser experienced and more hesitant surfers in the group to push themselves and progress which saw them drop into some of the best waves of their lives and love it. Personally i also surfed some of the best waves i ever have and being more experienced than the other surfers in the group it really made my sessions all time having shredders like Toast and Cann out in the surf with me. They were both fantastic at maintaining the group out in the water ensuring everyone had an equal amount waves, due respect was being given to all, and safety was being monitored. Both lads are legends in my eyes and would definitely be a reason for me to go back to Aloita resort even though i have now been there already. Not only were they great on the boats and in the surf but also around the resort, always keen for a chat, game of pool and just hanging out after a day of waves. My wife who previously wasn't too interested in surfing took toasty up on some lessons and now, due to his skill of teaching, encouragement and personality she is keen as to get out in the water as me, even buying a board on our return home and surfing nearly everyday. I'd also like to big up Andy the photographer who did an epic job of snapping pics and being a good lad around the resort too. I'm not sure if Nacho was taken on by you guys be he was also a great part of the team. Anyway if this is the kind of staff i can expect on future trips with perfect wave then i'll definitely be a return customer. So thanks perfect wave. I'd appreciate it if Toasty and Caan get to read this too thanks. Best RegardsSteve and Poppy

    Experience Begun: July 2014
    Created on: Monday 22 September 2014

    In one word - amazing!Aloita is simply a little paradise from the surfing, diving, SUP around the Island.The staff are exceptional and I have written review on TripAdvisor for them.I definitely want to go back there!!Again, thanks again for all your help with these amazing trips.Best regards,SaĂŻd

    Experience Begun: July 2014
    Created on: Monday 11 August 2014

    I cannot thank you and the rest of the crew at The Perfect Wave enough... our trip was absolutely amazing!! Aloita was beautiful and perfect... Kan, Toasty and Grant were awesome and put us on the waves every day.

    Experience Begun: June 2014
    Created on: Monday 16 June 2014

    The whole trip was absolutely incredible and one I will cherish for years to come! The resort facilities, the people getting us there and then looking after us was first class and the trip exceeded my expectations completely!!

    Experience Begun: May 2014
    Created on: Tuesday 3 June 2014

    What a trip! It had been10 years since I'd done an overseas surfing trip. In my head, it simply felt like too big to organise. But the Perfect Wave gave me a seamless and enjoyable experience to get overseas and score INCREDIBLE WAVES. If you want a headache do it yourself, if you want your trip to be simple, fun and enjoyable go with Perfect Wave. Soooooo good.Colin Boyd

    Experience Begun: April 2014
    Created on: Monday 12 May 2014

    The Perfect Wave was a please sure to deal with and everything on the holiday ran smoothly. Charlie Pierce chose a resort that had nearby waves that catered to a variety of skill levels which suited us, and everyone had an amazing trip. Highly recommended!

    Experience Begun: October 2013
    Created on: Thursday 31 October 2013

    Surf guide Georgio was SUPER cool and took us to the best waves around our area.The surf at Tellies, Suicides and Tikus was the best Ii ever surfedThe camp and surrounding was AWESOME and my wife wants to go thee also with our kids after seeing the videos and picsThe food fattened me up as I always had seconds, I could not resist my taste budsAll the staff always has smiles on their face, which made it a friendly and welcoming experience.I was stoked to meet Jamie and Craig from The Perfect Wave who were top guys and very informative and were just one of the boys.

    Experience Begun: September 2013
    Created on: Thursday 19 September 2013

    The Perfect Wave looked after us all the way: top resort, airport connections, great waves. Definitely be doing it again!

    Experience Begun: July 2013
    Created on: Thursday 8 August 2013
    David Campbell

    Just following up. Aloita was amazing. The place was great and the surf guide was exceptional. Caan always found somewhere which wasn't crowded or was pumping.I ended up staying 4 more days due to surf conditions CheersDavid

    Experience Begun: June 2012
    Created on: Tuesday 10 July 2012

    Had an absolutely amazing time! Found the perfect place - a combination of tropical island paradise and surf heaven. Was there for 10 days and will be back asap.Location: Tropical island straight out of a travel brochure. Close to Mentawai capital Tua Pejat which allows for different transport options to get to the resort. Also allowed the staff to quickly stash up on supplies such as fresh groceries. Has a hill in case you're worried about Tsunamis.Resort: Set nicely into the palm trees close to the shore but still hidden. Well-groomed garden and paths to the bungalows, really beautiful. Bar has pool and ping pong tables.Bungalow: Very clean, AC, fan, spacious, enough power outlets even for different plugs (Indo/European + Malysia style). Individual patio in the back for surfboards and wet gear, verandah in the front looking to the ocean. No mould, which is amazing considering the climate! Each bungalow has its own beach access path, lovely.Service: As an addict to Indonesian food, each meal was absolute bliss. Lunch and dinner consisted of several different Indonesian and international dishes. Everything was very fresh and healthy. Besides the food, the managers and staff did everything to make my stay as pleasant as possible. Royal treatment!!Surf: Was there in November. While not getting epic waves, I was lucky with swell and surfed pretty much by myself 80% of the sessions. Many lefthanders in the area.Value for money: In comparison to surf charters, I got so much more out of my money at Aloita. Not only did I have my own room but my own bungalow. Additionally, everything was superclean, it was totally quiet besides swaying palm trees and there was room to move (i.e., you could walk on the beach, visit Tua Pejat or other islands etc.). On a boat for the same price, I would most likely have to share a cabin and be stuck on a small patch of moving real estate. Plus, if you're unlucky you have to put up with engine noise and cockroaches on a boat.Overall, I can only recommend the resort. Did not have one negative experience. It's actually quite impressive what they have achieved considering the circumstances (remoteness etc.). 5 stars hands down.Room Tip: Stayed in Bungalow 1 which is just in reach of the Wi-Fi and close to restaurant, bar and jetty.

    Experience Begun: November 2011
    Created on: Thursday 15 December 2011
    Kim & Glenn

    Hi Gina, Can't believe we've been home from Sumatra for over a month and its taken me this long to send you an email! Life is so chaotic - no wonder we need holidays!! Glenn and I had a great time at Aloita - really loved the resort - the accommodation, food, cleanliness, massages, friendly staff etc etc were all first class. Glenn had some great waves - although he broke one of his boards in half, but at least it was less luggage for the trip home) and we had perfect weather. The beach at the resort was beautiful for me while he was off surfing and I had some great snorkelling within metres of the sand. It was sooo relaxing and we loved every minute. We hired motorbikes one day with another couple we met at Aloita and went for a ride and trek through the jungle up to a waterfall, which was pretty hard going but was good to do something different - unbelievably hot and humid - I don't know how people can do the Kokoda Trail!!! I guess the only downside to its remoteness, as mentioned on the website, is getting there and back. If we did it again, I think we would try to book a room on the day of arrival rather than just hanging around Padang, although the guy who collected us from the airport was lovely and showed us all around the area. We found the Ambu Ambu ferry quite ok thanks to our air conditioned cabin - we were so tired after the flight that we slept the whole way. But after mentioning to Monica and Marco at Aloita that we were going to do the return trip on the other ferry, they strongly recommended that we didn't - I think Marco had previously had a really bad experience on it - so they ended up booking us on the speedboat transfer back, as a group of Australian guys' arrival on the speedboat coincided with our departure. I kept remembering what you had said about it being the worst 3 hours but the weather had been so good we decided to give it a try. The good news was that it only took 3 1/2 hours and we were back on dry land in Padang staying at the Hotel Pangeran Beach Hotel, which Monica booked us into. The bad news was that the weather turned bad the morning that we had to leave and I guess it was pretty much a nightmare trip. After about an hour and a half I really wondered how I was going to get through it, but of course there wasn't much other choice, and after running into a tropical storm and getting lost for a while in blinding rain, we eventually arrived. Yes, the longest 3 1/2 hours of my life - and I think every muscle in our bodies ached for about a week after from trying to hang on while we bounced around in the swell. Still, it's all part of the adventure I guess - but would extend or do anything to use the Ambu Ambu if we go again. But apart from all that, we both had a fantastic time - it is such a beautiful remote part of the world and we'd really love to go back one day. So thanks for all your organising - We're already starting to wonder what we might do next year, so hopefully will be in touch again at some stage to book another trip! Best wishesKim and Glenn

    Experience Begun: May 2010
    Created on: Thursday 9 September 2010

    Dear Perfect Wave Team,Approaching the end of the year, I wanted to reflect on some of the highs of 2008. For me, along with dating my girlfriend Victoria, the most awesome experience was my 10 days stay at Aloita Resort, Indonesia. I travelled alone to this tropical paradise from Sydney and from the moment I arrived never wanted to leave.The staff at Aloita were exceptionally welcoming, friendly, and were always willing to make my stay the best possible. In particular Australian surfer and guide Matt Hannon worked with total professionalism and taught me so much about the essence of surfing. To spend days surfing with Matt at Icelands, Twiggies and Teloscopes was simply magical and some of the photos were unreal. The ocean is as beautiful as I dreamt it would be but commands respect! It got to 4-5 feet at Teloscopes, just fantastic blue rollers thundering in all day over the multi-coloured reefs. Matt took some great shots which are mounted on my wall. On the blown out days, Aloita offers so many activities such as jungle trekking, fishing, snorkelling, massage, karaoke etc so you never get bored!I loved the great food served up on a regular basis. The seafood and local produce was always fresh and delicious. The accommodation was classy and away from any developments so you really feel away from the crowds - it is totally unspoiled. Aloita is a truly super resort and worth the cost. If you are thinking about going, just do it! You will only regret it otherwise!I want to thank the Perfect Wave Team for their organisation in making this the surf adventure of a lifetime.Wishing you a happy 2009 and will be in touch for another adventure!Toby - NSWApr 08

    Experience Begun: January 2008
    Created on: Friday 12 February 2010